Football Pre-Season Prep

We are excited to begin our 2nd Pre-Season Football Prep program beginning on the week of June 4th! This is an advanced program based off of proven scientific methods that have helped countless elite level athletes maximize their athletic performance on the field. TAP’s knowledge, resources, and passion will help each athlete develop serious improvements in every aspect important to the game of football; most importantly injury prevention. These sessions WILL prepare each participant to compete at the highest level and guarantee that they will be prepared going into fall camp. Our Pre-Season Football Prep Program is designed for elite level high school and collegiate athletes.


This training program includes:

– Advanced Warm-Up Routines

– Mobility, Flexibility, and Stability Training

– Corrective Exercise Techniques

– Speed, Agility, Plyometric, and Reactive Training Techniques

– Football Relevant drills, applications, and conditioning

– Power and Strength Development

– Performance Testing (Bench, Squat, 10 yd sprint, 5-10-5, Broad Jump)

– Nutritional Advising


Our elite Pre-Season Football Prep program is designed for 4 days/week developing speed, agility, power, hypertrophy, and strength (Mon,Tu,Th,Fri), as well as an optional skill specific day working on technique during Saturday mornings starting at 9:00 A.M. (additional fee). The duration of this program is 10 weeks long, running through August 10th.


Due to the knowledge of most athletes working throughout the summer, we have allotted for two different times throughout each day to accommodate for any scheduling concerns. Our morning session will begin at 7:00 am, and night session will start at 5:00 pm. NOTE: We do have showers in case anyone needs to head straight into work following our morning sessions!


Please submit a contact submission for further questions/concerns! Also, share this information with anyone you know who may benefit from this program or would want to join you!



40 sessions = $900

Additional Day at $15/session = $1,050 (Totals 50 Sessions)     ONLINE


Payment Plan: 2 Payments

40 sessions = $1,1000 Payments @ $550

Additional Day at $17.50/session = $1,2752 Payments @637.50

1st Payment on Day 1 of training, 2nd payment on the week of July 9th.