Offseason Hockey Semi-Private Workout Promotion


3 Months – 4x/week                        3 Months – 3x/week

Normal Cost – $1,440                      Normal Cost – $1,170

Early Bird March (20%) – $1,150      Early Bird March (20%) – $935

Early Bird April (10%) – $1,295        Early Bird April (10%) – $1,050

*Prorated options available


Total Athlete Performance is excited to welcome and invite all committed hockey players looking to maximize their offseason by joining us this spring/summer.

Every one of our players at the junior and college level displayed exceptional numbers when returning for testing with their teams this past year. The results that each player obtained during their offseason was a direct result of following a program that had them accomplishing everything that a hockey player needs 4x/week.

The first question each day is, “How are we feeling today?” We preach controllable recovery factors (sleep, hydration, and stretching), nutrition, and commitment to our athletes so that they remain highly engaged throughout the entire process.

“Mobility before stability, stability before movement… movement before strength.” – Gray Cook

Utilizing the Joint-by-Joint approach, we assess our athletes mobility in the order of ankle, hip, t-spine, and shoulder to test for any imbalances or deficiencies. Using these details we create an individualized program for each of our athletes. Each day the athlete is educated and coached in the order of Mobility, Prehab, Linear and Lateral Movement Patterns, Speed and Agility, Power/Force Development, STRENGTH, Aerobic Energy Systems, and RECOVERY.

TECHNIQUE is dependent upon STRENGTH and MOBILITY. These elements increase IMPULSE and build STRONGER SKATERS. We train both elements inside of the weight room using safe, effective, and progressive strength and conditioning programs. Our offseason programs continue to evolve and improve each year to make sure that our hockey players are capable of withstanding the rigors of the season.

Take advantage of this promotion which discounts either a 3 Month – 3 Day or 3 Month – 4 Day semi-private training package at both GRB (Windsor) and Verona Ice Arena locations. With the freedom of making your own schedule, we highly recommend getting 3 to 4 sessions per week to create consistency that leads to quicker and more sustainable results.