Summer Speed Camp

Pulling away from the defense on your way to the endzone, running down a fastbreak for a last second blocked shot, legging out a double or going first to third on a routine single, and bursting past a defender for a breakaway goal is only possible with game changing speed. Speed is the catalyst for ALL sports at each and every level of competition, and no athlete should be satisfied with how fast they currently are.

Total Athlete Performance and Speed and Agility Coach Zach Zweifel are excited to offer an all-inclusive Summer Speed Camp. Each week will be broken down into the specific skills necessary to develop proper movement technique and efficiency in all planes of motion. One day will focus on linear acceleration and maximum velocity technique using up to 50 yards of indoor sprinting space in our Windsor (GRB Academy) location. Our second day will consist of specific lateral movement and change of direction technique, as well as true agility (reactive) game speed drills that will directly translate to in game performance. Competition will be built into each day in order to create a highly competitive atmosphere that stresses athletes to train at maximum speeds with maximum effort.

Day 1 (Tuesday): Linear Speed

  • Linear First Step Quickness
  • Linear Acceleration/Deceleration
    • Posture and Force Application
  • Top End Speed Mechanics
    • Posture and Force Application
  • Competitive and Reactive Sprinting Drills

Pre and Post Testing:

  • 10 Yard Dash
  • Flying 20 Yard Sprint

Day 2 (Thursday):

  • Multi-Directional First Step Quickness
    • Redirection Step / Plyo Step
  • Multi-Directional Acceleration/Deceleration Technique
    • Shuffles / Crossovers
    • Force Application
  • Competitive/Reactive Quickness and Agility Drills

Pre and Post Testing:

  • 5-10-5

Speed CAN be taught, learned, and developed. Developing dynamic speed and agility in athletes is straightforward if you have the correct system. Don’t hesitate to start taking your game to the next level this summer.

June 18th – August 22nd (Off July 4th)
10 Weeks – $500
20 sessions – 2 Workouts per week (Tuesdays and Thursdays)
2:45 pm – 3:45 pm
Ages 13-18