Who We Are:

TAP is a high performance training facility designed for athletes and committed individuals looking to maximize their full performance potential in sport and life.  Through applied science, all of our athletes go through a FREE detailed assessment. Our assessment takes a look at musculoskeletal measurements along with an extensive movement and strength analysis in order to find any motor pattern dysfunctions or asymmetries. These are addressed throughout each individual training session. Custom-tailored strength and conditioning programs are designed based on the needs and goals of each individual.

Semi-Private Training:

At TAP, we utilize Semi-Private training with an Athlete:Coach ratio of 6:1. We believe our athletes benefit from both the motivational aspect of the group environment, while also receiving the guidance from our highly involved and educated strength and conditioning coaches.

Our training programs are designed on an individual basis after careful overview of their assessment. The first priority for all athletes is to improve postural and motor pattern imbalances through corrective exercises provided by our coaches. Each athlete’s unique program will be monitored and coached in its entirety to minimize the risk of injury. Our all encompassing programs are developed for athletes ranging from youth to professional. Based on the athlete’s current sport and season, each program will focus on developing and improving the following:

  • Mobility and Flexibility
  • Core Stability
  • Hypertrophy (Muscle Building)
  • Strength
  • Landing and Jumping Technique
  • Power/Explosiveness
  • Acceleration and Deceleration Mechanics
  • Reactive Agility and First Step Quickness
  • Sport Specific Conditioning

You chose your schedule!

Our semi private setup allows each individual to train on any offered day, time or location.

This is not a group training session – every person has their own individual program!  Our staff is constantly moving and assisting with each athlete to ensure proper technique and maintain a safe environment. Whether the athlete is pre, mid, or postseason you choose your schedule based upon our recommendations. Expect workouts to take roughly 60 to 90 minutes as the attention to detail in each athlete’s program is most important to us. This allows athletes of any experience level to work at an intensity that is comfortable for themselves.