Training Options

  1. Youth Athlete Development

Building a solid foundation from the ground up should be the prerequisite to an athlete’s development. This program is designed to help and educate young athletes on specific skills necessary for any sport. These sessions will help the athlete to understand proper landing, jumping, running, acceleration and deceleration, and change of direction, all while increasing their overall body awareness and body weight strength.

  1. Semi-Private Advanced Athlete Development

We are teaching athletes how to move from the inside out. Once an athlete has acquired the proper fundamentals and movement patterns they can be introduced to a resistance training program. These training programs are designed on an individual basis after careful overview of their assessment. The first priority for all athletes is to improve postural and motor pattern imbalances through corrective exercises provided by the coaches. Each athletes unique program will be monitored and coached in its entirety to minimize the risk of injury. Based on the athlete’s current sport and season, each program will focus on developing and improving the following: mobility and flexibility, core stability, acceleration and deceleration, linear speed development, agility and lateral movement, landing and jumping mechanics, reactive first step quickness, and explosive power development. Our focus with our athletes is not how much weight they can lift or how many reps they can do, but rather how well they move in their respective sports.

  1. Private Training  

While most of the training takes place in a semi-private group training setting, we also can create spaces available to train individuals one-on-one with one of our staff members. All TAP coaches have extensive experience with personal training.