Youth Athlete Development


It’s our main objective to teach and educate young athletes on proper movement patterns and mechanics as it pertains to their individual athletic development. Until we feel that an athlete is advanced enough in all movement parameters, we consider them to be in a general preparation phase. This 10 week program introduces the 3 most important elements in the general preparation phase. Each athlete’s progress is recorded to improve each measurable.

Force Absorption / Injury Prevention

Learning how to efficiently absorb force is important in reducing the risk of injury in sport. You must learn to absorb force in order to improve force production in safe and efficient ways. After 3 weeks of becoming proficient in absorbing force bilaterally and unilaterally, jumping and plyometric drills are introduced.

Linear Speed Development

Speed = Stride Length x Frequency. We have the ability to train and improve both variables. Our progressions first address mechanics and positioning, followed by specific drills involving equipment and stimuli used to increase acceleration and top end speeds. In developing speed, we improve athletic ability.

Agility / Change of Direction / Quickness

Even the best athletes continue to improve and work on moving from one direction to another quickly, efficiently, and safely. We break down deceleration principles in order to teach the fundamentals and body positionings when quickly changing directions. The quicker you can decelerate and then accelerate in a different direction, the more agile you become.


The goal with our athletes is to provide an appropriate program that contains each of the following on every visit: mobility/flexibility, prehab/injury prevention, balance/force absorption, linear acceleration/deceleration technique, agility/change of direction drills, and body weight strength/endurance exercises. Each category is covered in a specific manner, allowing the child to acquire all of the tools necessary to begin a resistance training program in the near future.

Youth Athlete Development Schedule

  • Ages: 8-12
  • June 17th – August 23rd (Off July 5th)
  • 10 Weeks – $550
  • 29 sessions – 3 Workouts per week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) @ 3:00-4:00PM
  • Monday – Linear Speed Emphasis
  • Wednesday – Agility/Quickness Emphasis
  • Friday – Skill/Game/Fun Emphasis